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I work in the office for 9hrs a day. My neck and back always have problems now and then.I had my back problem for a year now, and spent a lot money on massage.Being too busy recently and no time to go out, I found this product to be a good alternative.It's fabric cover is pretty soft. I have sensitive skin, so, glad to have that. I used for my neck for 15mins to kill my neck pain. I would say it's perfect for neck. The heat relieves my muscle pretty well.

Noelia T.

I loveeeee this product. I work at a place where I have to stand a lot and after a long day this massager gives me such a relief to my foot. You can also use this for your back, neck, and waist as well. Also, it comes with a plug for your car as well. So you can easily use it when you are in your car. Highly recommended!

Esther R.

Just what I needed I suffer from back pain ever sense I had a car accident 15year ago. I hurt my back and neck. I have own a few of these massagers but this one really works. What I like about this one is that it’s small and you can move it up or down it’s very convenient my neck feels less stiff I use it almost every day it’s my favorite.

Leticia T.